MACAM a reference in the civil engineering landscape of Cameroon

We believe that our clients are a fundamental part of the design process and we collaborate. The construction and civil engineering sector can be quite a challenging in Cameroon. But our clients have learned to leaping before they look with us.
A unique combination of engineering and construction.
Developing our client's dream space for their business.
We’ve constructed some of the most iconic projects.
Our philosophy is based on a conceptual approach inspired by vision and design

Construction equipment, engineering, planning and innovation in Cameroon and CEMAC subregion

For more than 6 years, MACAM Construction has earned one of the finest reputations across Cameroon execution of construction engineering projects which go have propelled our clients' vision

We always deliver exceptional and sustainable solutions for your building projects

We work collaboratively to create value through built and natural assets that work in harmony with their surroundings – from road networks in extreme north of Cameroon to socal imapctful classrooms in the South West region of Cameroon. MACAM has grown to be a force to contend with on the Cameroon construction scene

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We are your trusted manufacturing & engineering partner

We have a professional team of cameroonian and foreign construction workers and auditors for your next project